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On Saturday, November 19th, Leon Fontaine passed away. His wife Sally and the rest of his family are taking this time to gather and mourn. Thank you so much for all of your love and support.

Please be praying for the Fontaine family during this time. Click here to read a statement from the Fontaine family.

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Since its inception in 1999, the Frontier Centre for Public Policy has been steadfast in its mission to foster Ideas for a Better Tomorrow. Through research, publications, educational events and policy analysis, Frontier has impacted dozens of governments and policy sectors. With Western Canadian roots and a drive to cultivate responsible citizenship, Leaders on the Frontier features discussions of common sense and good governance from this non-partisan, cutting-edge think tank.

Latest Episode

Who Powers the Propaganda? | Ray McGinnis

Ray McGinnis, Canadian Author and Researcher, along with David Leis, outline the role that political games and propaganda play in mainstream media. The blatant lies of events during the Freedom Convoy is apparent. But, why would media want to portray stories like these in a biased way? What is the purpose of imposing negative views on those who fight for freedom? McGinnis shares his views and how we can recognize the power of propaganda that turns society.

Featured Podcast Episode

Stand on Guard for Thee

David Leis wraps up a panel discussion with two of Canada's top lawyers. They talk about the laws surrounding pandemic violations of privacy and infringement on individual liberties. They challenge viewers to stay vigilant and be active citizens in the process of defending freedom for the generations to come. 

David Leis

Before joining the Frontier Centre for Public Policy as Vice President of Development & Engagement, David Leis served in a variety of senior leadership roles within industry, government, First Nations and education. His academic credentials from Waterloo, Ryerson and Toronto led him to earn his Masters in Public Policy at Queen's University in Ontario. Networking everywhere he goes, David's warm personality has created connections with leaders around the globe. With a tenacious passion for Canada's success and a high regard for people, David relishes the opportunity to educate and inform by hosting Leaders on the Frontier.

David Leis