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On Saturday, November 19th, Leon Fontaine passed away. His wife Sally and the rest of his family are taking this time to gather and mourn. Thank you so much for all of your love and support.

Please be praying for the Fontaine family during this time. Click here to read a statement from the Fontaine family.

A common-sense analysis of world events
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Leon Fontaine’s passion for a current events commentary that offered an intersection of knowledge and wisdom has been percolating for years. Recent events in Canada and around the globe have propelled the conversation forward. The erosion of freedoms has never been so widespread and the need for unbiased journalism is more important than ever. With a high value of people – and their right to think for themselves – Return to Reason endeavours to present the WHOLE STORY, so viewers can make fully informed, wise decisions to bring positive change to their lives, communities, and to the nation. The time to act is now!

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Your Internet Experience is About to be Restricted

Proposed as a way to ensure diverse Canadian content is seen, Bill C-11 aims to "level the playing field" between broadcast and online streaming. Behind the vague wording and conflicts-of-interest lies much uncertainty. Leon Fontaine offers some background information on this Bill, highlights concerns politicians have raised and challenges all Canadians to see the bigger picture.

What is Return to Reason?

Return to Reason shares a refreshing take on world events, culture, and issues of morality in a meaningful way. Although you may not agree with the opinions stated, you deserve to be fully informed, ready to handle every situation life throws at you. Anyone who has an appetite for the world to return to reason will enjoy this opinion column, TV show and podcast.

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Bruce Pardy

The legal ground in Canada is shifting. What has caused this eruption? Is there a silver lining to the government overreach and public distrust that evolved over the course of the pandemic? Executive Director of Rights Probe, Bruce Pardy, has a lively conversation with Jeremy Prest about freedom of speech, and how the culture wars have transformed Canadians' perspective on the functions of law & order from a managerial state.

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About Leon Fontaine

Leon Fontaine has studied and lived leadership for over 35 years. His early training as a paramedic forged his desire to help people of all walks of life—physically, mentally, and spiritually—and for the last three decades, he and his wife Sally have done just that from their home base of Springs Church in Canada—one of the country’s fastest-growing churches. Leon’s innate ability to look at any situation and recognize what needs changing has made him a much sought-after speaker and advisor for churches and corporations around the world. He has helped turn failing organizations into thriving and influential global platforms. Leon is an author, TV host, CEO of Miracle Channel (Canada’s original Christian TV station), founder of Spirit Contemporary International and the Corco+ streaming service. He holds a Doctor of Divinity from Covenant Theological Seminary. As a proud Canadian, Leon continues to pastor alongside his wife and five married children, all of whom are actively involved in ministry.

Leon Fontaine

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